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  • Tantus Slow Drive Review

    While at Catalyst Con Tantus debuted 4 new designs in beautiful new colors and I was lucky enough to get the Slow Drive in this stunning sparkly silver!

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  • Tracy Cox Supersex Toner Balls Review

    I was truly prepared to hate the Toner Balls, from the moment they arrived. They had so much going against them at first glance, and then I tried them.

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  • Nobessence Fling Review

    The time had come for me to pick out my first wooden dildo and While looking at the many toys designed by Nobessence I instantly gravitated towards the Fling because it had that bulbous head I know my g-spot loves, plus those finger holes in the handle are just plain nifty.

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  • Lelo Ora Review

    Despite the oral sex simulators already out there, and despite their limited appeal, Lelo decided that what the world really needed was an oral sex simulator designed by Lelo, so they released one, and named it the Lelo Ora.

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  • The G-Spot and Female Ejaculation

    Many women have dedicated at least a play session or two to finding their G-Spot. I was lucky, I actually found my G-spot before I found my clitoris and ejaculated with my first orgasm.

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Product Reviews

  • Tantus Slow Drive
    Tantus Slow Drive Review
    While at Catalyst Con Tantus debuted six new designs, the Sport, Sport Long, Slow Drive, Slow Drive Long, Warm Up, and Amsterdam. Most of them, the exception being maybe the...
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  • Tracy Cox SuperSex Toner Balls
    Tracy Cox Supersex Toner Balls Review
    A few weeks back, in a review for another set of kegel exercisers, I wrote about how I had come to expect a level of mediocrity when it comes to...
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  • Nobessence Fling
    Nobessence Fling Review
    Ever since the day I realized that the round thing at the end of my first dildo wasn’t a handle, that it was a part that was supposed to go inside...
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Media Reviews

New Articles

  • G-Spot Toys
    The G-Spot and Female Ejaculation
    The G-spot was first documented in 1950 by German Gynecologist Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg and was popularized in The G-Spot by Alice Kahn Ladas, Beverly Whipple, and John D. Perry which was published...
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  • Suitcase-o-Dildos
    Traveling With Sex Toys
    It’s only a little over a week until Catalyst Con which means sex geeks everywhere will be making their annual pilgrimages to Washington DC, sex toys, lube, and safer sex...
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  • Safer Sex Kit
    Creating Your Safer Sex Kit
    If you are a person who is sexually active it is a good idea to consider creating a safer sex1 kit. A safer sex kit is a portable kit that...
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