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  • Win a Bound Dildo!

    Bound is definitely one of the most unique toy designs that I’ve ever seen, it’s so much more than just another realistic dildo, Bound is, as it’s name would suggest, quite literally bound with coils of rope wrapped tightly around it’s shaft creating bumps and bulges in the “flesh”.

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  • Help Burlesque Toy Shop Build a Brick & Mortar Location

    One of my favorite online sex shops is raising funds to open their very own brick & mortar location, and they need your help!

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  • NY Toy Collective Shilo Review

    Although there are a handful of “Pack n’ Play” dildos out there, I’m typically of the mind that if they’re hard enough to fuck they probably don’t make the best packers and if they’re small/soft enough to pack with, I probably don’t want to be fucked by it. It’s not often that a toy proves me wrong, but it has happened, and when I saw the NY Toy Collective Shilo I though it might be about to happen again.

  • Bettie Page Vibro-a-Go-Go Classic Silicone Vibrator Review

    When I saw the Bettie Page Vibro-A-Go-Go Classic Silicone Vibrator I knew it was the kind of thing 19 year old Bex would have fallen in love with, which is why I wanted the chance to try it out.

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  • A Princess Bound Review

    When I first got this anthology I was simultaneously excited and nervous, the title and cover had me concerned that I would be in for over 200 pages of sappy romance and happily ever afters but luckily I was wrong.

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  • NY Toy Collective Shilo Review
    NY Toy Collective Shilo Review
      ***Do you like to watch? Check out my video review for Shilo.*** I was a skeptic. Although there are a handful of “Pack n’ Play” dildos1 out there, I’m...
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  • Bettie Page Vibro-a-Go-Go Classic Silicone Vibrator Review
    Bettie Page Vibro-a-Go-Go Classic Silicone Vibrator Review
    My first sex toy was a cheap plastic traditional vibe from a store called Spencers in the mall. It ran on two AA batteries and if you gave it to...
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  • Tantus Bound
    Tantus Bound Review
    Growing up reading fan fiction I developed a deep love for crossovers, so when I heard the two of my favorite companies, Tantus and SheVibe, would be working together I...
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