Lelo Mona 2 Review

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Lelo Mona 2

If someone walked up to me and said “I can only buy one sex toy to last me the rest of my life, what should I buy?” I would first offer my sincerest condolences (one toy for the rest of forever?!?!?) and then tell them to buy the Lelo Mona 2. It is high quality, body safe, powerful, rechargeable, and versatile; everything I love about toys and more.

When I first developed an interest in sex toys I spent a lot of time looking at Lelo toys and I had a major crush on the Gigi, I mean, didn’t everybody? I was worried about the size though, it seemed too short, so when Lelo released the Mona a few months later my hopeful puppy eyes shifted in that direction. For some reason though, I never actually took the leap and bought the Mona. A few years later, in response to consumer feedback, Lelo choose to release second generations of some of their most popular toys including: Liv, Gigi, Elise, Ina, and yes the Mona.1 I had already acquired a substantial collection at this point and decided it was finally time to give Mona a shot.

Lelo Mona 2 PackagingThe Mona 2 arrives in the same lovely packaging that most Lelo toys arrive in. The color of the outer box is the same as the shaft of the toy, and inside is a black heavy duty cardboard box. Remove the lid and you will find your Mona sitting inside a fancy felt tray, the charger, instructions, a small storage bag, an “authenticity card”2 and a sample of Lelo’s overpriced lubricant.

I quickly set up my new toy to charge, but not before slipping it between my legs and gleefully prancing through the house yelling about how perfectly it cradled my vulva. Seriously, the shape of this thing is damn near perfect for my body, the shaft curves comfortably around my pubic bone so that the bulge in the shaft sits right in between my labia at the vaginal opening and my clit is nestled into the curve. While this feels fantastic, it doesn’t allow for comfortable penetration, luckily the toy feels equally good if I side it back so my clit is resting on the bulge allowing adequate room for penetration. I have even found that I can create pinpoint stimulation but using the very tip of the toy.

Even before I had it charged and powered on this toy felt fantastic on my skin. The shaft/insertable portion  of this toy is made of Lelo’s silky smooth silicone which feels lovely against the skin, offers almost no drag, and isn’t an magnet of ungodly strength for dust and cat hair. In addition to all of that it has all the traits we love about silicone: easy to clean, non-porous, and body safe. The handle is plastic, which is also body safe and easy to clean, but the choice to have a different material on the handle does create a seam between the shaft and the handle. I’m not sure if it was a conscious decision or not, but the seam seems much less pronounced on my Mona 2 than it is on my Siri which is nice and makes cleaning much easier.

Once it was fully charged I was finally able to toy around with the vibrations, and was a bit dismayed at first. See, when advertising the Mona 2, Lelo used the “double the powah!” claim that many second generation toys tout, and while holding it in my hand, it almost seemed as if my Siri was more powerful. Luckily, my clit is much more discerning than my hands, and when I used it for the first time I realized that the Mona was not less powerful than the Siri, but more rumbly. The vibrations penetrate my whole vulva to stimulate the internal portions of my clitoris as well as the tip and bring me to a leg-twitching orgasm every time.

I can also use this toy during partnered play, though I do need to be careful because the shaft is very firm and it is easy to bump or grind it uncomfortably into my partners pelvis depending on the position we’re in. If I am able to avoid that though, this toy is actually powerful enough that I can use the toy externally and my partner is able to feel it from inside me, which is pretty damn cool.

All this talk about clitoral use, and you may have forgotten (or assumed that I had) that the Mona 2 is actually a G-Spot toy. And hell, this might shock you, but I’m about to tell you about how awesome it is at that too. The first time I used this toy I was amazed at how well it fit me internally, I mean this whole toy fits me so well I’m starting to wonder if the people at Lelo are sneaking in to measure me in my sleep. The curve slides right up behind my pubic bone and rests comfortably at my G-spot without grinding into my pubic bone. Then I turn on the vibrations and Oh-Dear-God it’s fantastic. They are so rumbly and powerful that they tend to outshine whatever is on my clit, but if I do play with something powerful on my clit as well I get the vibrations bouncing back and forth across the internal legs of my clit and my G-Spot and it’s ah-mazing.3 The combination of the firm material and intense vibrations almost invariably result in a strong, squirty, messy orgasm; whether I want it or not.

Lelo Mona 2 Controls

As if there isn’t enough things I love about this toy, Lelo also happens to have one of my favorite control interfaces. It’s simple, easy to use, and even easier to understand. The (+) and (-) buttons control the speeds from “hey is this this thing on?” all the way to to “holy shit!”; hold down (+) to turn it on and (-) to turn it off. The (^) and (v) buttons control the patterns, of which there are six. Within each pattern you can adjust the strength of the vibrations using the (+) and (-) buttons. I’m not a huge fan of patterns, so I usually stick with the constant speed, but the final pattern is randomized with no gap in vibrations so I think that one is pretty cool as well. The only thing I wish was that the vibration patterns were programmed in as a loop so that I could push (v) while I was on the first setting I would wind up on the sixth, but this is not the case.

The Lelo Mona 2 is available at SheVibe and it is worth every penny! Go buy it now! Not sure if you’ve figured this out or not yet, but I love this toy! Since I got it there have been few, if any, play times in which the Mona 2 has not made an appearance. There is almost nothing this toy can’t do, it makes an awesome clitoral stimulator, feels great as a G-Spot toy, works well for use with a partner, is waterproof for play in the shower or tub, and could even be sanitized if you wanted to use it for anal stimulation (but externally only as it does not have a flared base). Even if it doesn’t fit your body as perfectly as it does mine, the vibrations are wonderful and there will be at least one of the many uses that works for you.


  1. We’re still waiting on you Siri 2. []
  2. Which seems a bit pretentious at first; what am I supposed to keep this in my wallet to brag at parties? Then I realize it’s for the warranty and I feel a little better. But only a little better. []
  3. I promise to never say it that way again… I’m sorry, the vibrations have addled my brain. []

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  • Help

    Hi, I was hoping someone could maybe compare the power of tbe mona 2 and the ina 2. The insertable looks the same to me and I am leaning towards buying the ina 2 but Bex you rave about the mona 2 and was wondering if you had tried both if you could compare? It would be greatly appreciated! Its a lot of $$$ to spend without being able to use a tester!

    • Bex

      I unfortunately have not used the Ina but so I can’t compare it’s power but I can say that yes, the internal arms are identical. I will caution you about two things I do know about Ina before you decide to pick it up:

      1. It’s a dual stimulator, which means not only does it have to fit comfortably internally, that arm has to line up perfectly with your anatomy so that when the internal arm is just where you want it the arm is also on your clit just where you want it. This… rarely happens. On top of that, if you want to thrust or move the internal arm you’re also moving the vibrations off of your clit. The fact is each dual stimulator will only work for a select group of people and you need to hope you’re in that group when you drop $100+ on it. Instead, if you buy Mona and a different external vibe you can line them up however you want.

      2. You NEED to like pressure on your clit to enjoy Ina, serious pressure, from what I’ve heard from other reviewers that arm clamps down quite firmly on your clit during use… if it lines up with it that is.

      I’ve also asked the internet about the power for you, and though I can’t guarantee anyone will be awake this early feel free to check back with this tweet: https://twitter.com/BexTalksSex/status/531081522825420801

      and see what people have to say.

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  • Jill

    Would this be a good toy for someone who has never used one before? I’m looking to buy my first one, and I’m pretty sold on the mona 2, but i just want to be sure.

    • Bex

      Yes absolutely! It has a really wide range of speeds so you can start slow and really learn how powerful you want your toys to be, it also has some patterns for you to play around with and see if you’re interested in those. On top of that, you can also choose to use it clitorally or vaginally and with or without vibrations so with that many options you’re bound to like at least one which means less of a risk of wasted money buying something you’re not sure you’ll like.

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  • Teal Valentine

    I swear everyone loves this toy – I didn’t get on with the Gigi so maybe I should try the Mona!

    It looks like such a big toy to use for clit stimulation though, does it not feel uncomfortable when used like that?

  • Mona 2 here, Mona 2 there. I’ve been hearing praises about the Mona 2 since forever, and the shape of it still…make me look at it in a skeptical way. It’s so…plain. And the curve doesn’t seem to be extremely prominent. I guess I’ll need to test one out to find out XD

  • Oddkin

    Tried the Mona 2 (usually just call it Mona because I never owned the original), hoping it wouldn’t be a dud for my clit-of-fucking-platinum, and it’s disconcerting how often I use it instead of the ones I usually grab for. And that’s a badge of honour because holy **** is my clit picky.

    By the way, I like how you struck through the pink. I don’t exactly loathe it but there is just SO much purple and pink out there that I will always choose an alternative if I can. I really only like muted pinks anyway.

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  • Welcome to the dark side.

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  • Heaven

    Glad to hear you enjoy the Mona 2. I still have yet to get one at some point I will.

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  • I’d been thinking of doing some toys in the snow pics too but could never bring myself to go out in the cold to get them.
    Mona 2 is one of my faves too. I have the Liv 2 and the GiGi 2 and I think they’re good toys but nowhere near as good as the Mona 2.

    • Bex

      I am so not good about the cold, I ran outside, threw it into the snow, took 4 pictures, and ran back inside! The things I do for you people! lol

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  • Camryn Jones

    The only sex toy ever? Wowie. I shouldn’t be surprised though, the Mona 2 seems to always get that sort of praise.Your video review was helpful and I think it’s cute that your shirt and your Mona 2 matched. ^-^

    • Bex

      Thanks! I totally planned the matching shirt in advance too, I’m such a dork.

  • Karen B

    Sounds like this LELO got high marks from you as well. I don’t have one, but I guess I need to get one. I love the pic of the Mona in the snow, very clever.

    • Bex

      I can’t imagine anyone totally hating this toy, there’s just so many things to love about it you’re bound to like something!

      I’m glad the snow picture worked too, I was struggling so much with getting a good idea for a picture then it snowed and I figured “fuck it, snows pretty, sold.”