5 Easy Ways to Level Up Your Nudes

Last year I attended an amazing sexting workshop with Tina Horn in promotion for her new book. I waited excitedly through the sections on dirty talk, where I was inspired to add language to my Yes/No/Maybe List, because I was already confident in my sexting storytelling skills, what I wanted to talk about was nudes. I just knew this porn performer and pro domme would have so many ideas for new ways to show off my junk, and as soon as I had the opportunity I raised my hand.

“What do you suggest we do to avoid taking the same picture over and over? I mean, how many different pictures of my ass can I take?” I asked. She furrowed her brow as if it had never occured to her and pointed out that, even if it looks similar to another, getting a nude from someone you like is always great. She’s right, I’ve been exchanging nudes with my partner nearly every day for well over a year at this point, and I’m still excited every time the Snapchat notification pop up on my phone. And yet, every morning, when I pull out my phone to send him the first snap of the day, I wonder if I’m getting repetitive, and I struggle to come up with new ideas.

I’ve written before about how to take creative sexy pics that aren’t explicit, but sometimes I just want to get my junk all up in someone’s phone, and I want to flex my creativity muscles while I do it.

Move Those Hands

Hands are one of the easiest and best props you have in your lewd arsenal, they make photos more dynamic, engaging, and inviting. It also tells the viewer’s eyes where to look, so it can bring their attention towards what you want to be the focus of the picture (and away from what you don’t). When I see someone’s hand touching their body, I imagine all the other places that hand has been, all the places it might move to. Were they just jerking off? Were they thinking about me while they did it? What would it feel like to have my hand there?

You can casually rest your hands on your thigh or stomach for a relaxed pose, and putting your arm up and behind your head is a classic look that is going to elongate your body. If you want to be coy you can have your hand covering your junk or your nipples, or bring it up to caress your lips, as if you’re saying “look at where you could be kissing”. If coy isn’t your bag, fingers and hands are also great for spreading, gripping, pinching, squeezing, and fingering all manner of sexy bits. The addition of a hand makes it so much easier to see exactly how hard someone is, and fingers coated in slick wetness look great on camera. You can even have your hands off of your body entirely and gripping the sheets or the pillow to show just how much tension is in your body, just waiting for release…


Sure you don’t HAVE to have clothes in a nude, actually that’s kind of the point, but sometimes bodies look just that much better when they’re peaking out from a gap in your clothes or under a blanket. Tug your shirt down to free the nipple, let me see your erection straining against your boxers,1 ¬†leave your lacy underwear around your thighs so I can imagine being too damn eager to fuck that I didn’t bother to take them off you.

Clothes aren’t the only accessories you can use though! Add sex toys to the mix to show how you get off when you’re alone, or so your partner can imagine how you’ll use them together. Have them inside your holes, pushed up against your body, or just next to you to imply what you’re about to do (or just did). Include leather, latex, or other fetish gear to flag for your kinks. Even something cute like a book, plushie, movie case, laptop, sticker, or one of a million other things you have can be used to creatively “censor” parts of your picture, or just to add a coy bit of humor.

Try A New Angle

Yes, yes, I know. Please imagine my most pretentious photographer voice while I talk about angles, but bear with me. I know that top down Myspace angle is a classic, and the mirror selfie is always great, but try to think of other perspectives people might like to look at your body at. This week I crouched over a mirror and held a camera between my legs to catch my reflection, I’ve squatted over cameras to make it look like I’m about to sit on someone’s face, I’ve held my dick up to the lens as if the viewer is about to suck my cock, or held the camera low next to me as if they’re looking up at me from on their knees. Nudes are the only reason I own a selfie stick and learned to use the self timer on my phone. I’ve contorted my back so I could show my Sir exactly how I’d push my ass in the air while laying on my stomach and I’ve stared intently at a camera to make sure the base of the dildo I was blowing stayed out of the shot, so the viewer could imagine if belonged to them. Thinking about how people will see your body during sex or kink and trying to replicate that is going to leave them thinking about what it would be like to be in that position with you.

Switch Up The Location

Showers and beds are popular places for nudes, and for good reason- most of the time, we’re already naked! I’ll be honest, it’s where I take most of my nudes too, but it’s amazing how impactful a new location can be. Recently, I got a picture from someone in their kitchen, pants unbuttoned and dick out, and it was the hottest thing I’d seen in a long time. I was immediately overcome by the thought of being there with him, of how turned on he’d have to be to just push me onto the kitchen floor and fill my mouth with his cock, not even wanting to go into the bedroom. And I’m not saying I’ve gotten naked in an empty subway station, but I am saying that the DeKalb stop has surprisingly good lighting for my ass.

Offices, gym locker rooms, secluded rooftops, quiet parks, an upskirt selfie while sitting at the bar – having dinner with my best friend often means reporting on the selfie lighting in the restaurant bathroom when we get back. Anywhere you can get a little privacy (and can legally get a little naked) is a great opportunity for a novel nude.


I’m about to give you the best homework ever – head over to Twitter, Tumblr, or your favorite porn site, and start perusing some nudes. In the past, when I’ve had people purchase nudes with requests for fetishes I don’t share, or when I’ve felt just tapped out of ideas I’ve taken a look at some of the rad things other folks have tried, and while I don’t duplicate their pictures (because that’s rude, and frankly a little bit creepy) I do use them as a jumping off point for my own ideas!

Speaking of- now that I’ve got plenty of new ideas to play with, I’m off to go get naked in front of my camera!

  1. I literally just said “Oooofff” out loud while writing this. Hi hello this is my favorite thing. []

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