Bex Is On YouTube!

Once upon a time I tried to start a YouTube channel… and then I stopped because video editing is the worst… and then I made all of those videos private bc they were from a time when I was trying to be femme and *shudder* it was not a good look.


Videos have always appealed to me as a medium because I feel like I’m the most engaging when I’m public speaking, and videos are the easiest way to convey that across the interwebz. I’ve figured out my editing frustrations and have decided to make the leap to YouTube again. The plan is to vlog my experience on testosterone, share snippets from my workshops and education, and do some sex toy reviews. Hopefully I’ll be posting videos every Friday if I can swing it, so head over there and Subscribe to make me smile!

About Bex

Bex talks about sex, a lot, and feels this is the only way to reduce the stigma and lack of education surrounding it. When they’re not trying to save the world, talking about sex to strangers, typing frantically, or sticking things in various holes they are usually indulging the other facets of their geekery.

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