What’s that Word?


We need more words for horny, more words to describe the complexity of the cravings that can inhabit my body. Horny feels juvenile and crass, while aroused feels clinical. Turned on? Libidinous? I suppose, but where is the specificity in that? The nuance? What’s the word for when you desperately need to be touched? When your every nerve ending is tingling and you can feel the heat of the bodies around you. When someone could tease ... Read More »

Talk Flirty to Me

Cropped Flirt Fetish

I have jerked off to flirty banter alone. Not like, sexting with a cute human and getting myself off in the process. Not even just remembering that flirty moment where a cute human said something clever and I for once was sure that they were actually definitely into me. Well, I mean, I’ve done those things too. No, I mean I regularly lay in my bed imagining a conversation that never happened with a person who ... Read More »

A Pup and Their Pure Plug

Pure Plug and New Bottoming Book

The first time my Sir punished me was also the first time I wore the Njoy Pure Plug out of the house. In the past I’d worn other plugs in public, mostly the Bootie, occasionally the Tantus Juice, but every time I tried my large Pure Plug it just felt, well, large. It was so substantial and heavy that the thought of wearing it for any length of time was intimidating. It was two days ... Read More »

Three Days

Are You Okay?

[TW: Passing mentions of self-harm and food things] Tuesday night I was supposed to play a game. “What if you had to have an orgasm for every blue state win?” my sir proposed, and I giggled with glee. The first thing he had said to me that morning was “Make sure you vote today, pup” and our shared enthusiasm about this election had me bursting with affection for him. I wanted to hug him. I ... Read More »

Bites, Wails, and Puppy Dog Tails

Puppy Play

Leap day 2016, New York City. Somewhere right about in the middle of the intersection of 59th and 3rd. That was the first time someone called me pup. I’ve since forgotten what the rest of the text message read, but that word stood out to me, it stopped me dead in my tracks. I giggled nervously on the crowded street and squealed back “you just called me pup!” as if he had somehow typed it on ... Read More »

One Link At A Time: Adventures in Chain Fisting

Chain Fisting

“I have to tell you about that workshop I went to!” my coworker excitedly told me as I walked into my office last week. “OH Yea! Fisting right?” She had invited me to the workshop earlier in the week, but I had work and, as it wouldn’t have been the first fisting workshop I’d ever seen, I wasn’t super bummed about having to miss it. “CHAIN fisting” she corrected. “oh… right….” I imagined a chain of ... Read More »

No, My Last Relationship Wasn’t a Waste

Bex at Desk

Not long ago I was chatting with a co-worker when I casually mentioned my ex. I mentioned, in passing, that we had been together for more than six years and she said: “Wow, that’s terrible that over six years of your life was wasted with him.” She wasn’t trying to be awful, in fact, I think she was trying to be supportive. It’s a common sentiment after a breakup, but when you think about it ... Read More »

No More Excuses- The Real Reason I Haven’t Been Writing

Sex Blogger Desk

It’s impossible to deny that I haven’t been around as much as I used to, and it’s time to stop making excuses. I’ve called it writers block, I’ve said that my day job has eaten all of my time (along with my soul), and I’ve blamed it on impostor syndrome, but none of those things get to the root of the problem, the reason I haven’t been able to bring myself to write these past ... Read More »

Success: Measured in Pounds

Bawdy Love

I am not skinny. I was never skinny, and I will never be skinny. I have a 36″ rib-cage that no amount of exercise is going to shrink and I have hips that people have called “good for child-bearing”. I’ve never been profoundly overweight either though, my weight has never impacted my health and it’s not often I have to listen to snide comments or witty remarks about my size.1 I’ve always been somewhere in the ... Read More »

Doing It Right: Character Customization in Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Screenshot Body Type

It may be hard to believe, but dildos and sexuality aren’t my only hobbies. Despite my hesitance to use the label in light of the whole #GamerGate fiasco, I am a gamer. I don’t talk about it a whole bunch here because it’s not usually relevant, but when a company gets something with gender and sexuality right I like to give them the credit they deserve,1 and Insomniac Games is getting character customization right with Sunset ... Read More »