Sex Ed

Yes/No/Maybe List- Sex Geek Edition


Now, this may come as quite a shock to you, but I’m a bit of an organization nerd. I have been known to moan (appreciatively and erotically) over a well organized spreadsheet and it’s not an exaggeration when I say that cleaning my room makes me happier than most other things. Naturally, when I was a wee little sex geek and stumbled across my first Yes, No, Maybe list I was thrilled. An organized and concise ... Read More »

Back to Basics: Is My Sex Toy Safe?

Is Your Sex Toy Safe?

I talk a lot about the lack of regulation in our industry and the need for consumers to educate themselves on what they’re buying. Toxic and porous sex toys flood the market, and they can be mislabeled without any consequence. It is our responsibility as consumers to educate ourselves about what we are buying to keep our bodies safe and our money out of the hands of those who have no regard for our health. What I haven’t ... Read More »

Back to Basics: Porous Toys and Toxic Toys

I do a lot of writing about safe vs. unsafe toys, touting my favorite materials as “body safe” and decrying all others as toxic, dangerous, and to be avoided. What I’ve realized though, is that much of the time I talk about these things as if it’s something you already know. As if you, my reader, are as entrenched in the sex industry as I am. And because it is something that has started to ... Read More »

5 Lies We Teach About Consent

Consent may be one of the most important concepts that can be taught and yet so many teachers, parents, educators, and adults in general are doing it wrong. Between the things society does, the things they accept, and the things they outright say, our kids and teens are getting a pretty warped view of what consent is.   1. No Means No. Why It’s Problematic: When we teach “No means no” what we are saying is ... Read More »

The G-Spot and Female Ejaculation

G-Spot Toys

The G-spot was first documented in 1950 by German Gynecologist Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg and was popularized in The G-Spot by Alice Kahn Ladas, Beverly Whipple, and John D. Perry which was published in 1982. Since then the G-spot had become a household name (though maybe not necessarily the kind of thing discussed over the dinner table) and many women have dedicated at least a play session or two to finding theirs. I was lucky, I actually found ... Read More »

Traveling With Sex Toys


It’s only a little over a week until Catalyst Con which means sex geeks everywhere will be making their annual pilgrimages to Washington DC, sex toys, lube, and safer sex products in tow. Some people, like myself for example, will making an epic road trip and have the luxury of traveling with a trunk full of dildos, but for everyone else it may not be that easy. Anyone who has traveled by plane in the ... Read More »

Creating Your Safer Sex Kit

Safer Sex Kit

If you are a person who is sexually active it is a good idea to consider creating a safer sex1 kit. A safer sex kit is a portable kit that should be easily accessible to you whenever you are in a situation that may become sexual. Ideally it would be kept in a pack, purse, or utility belt, Batman style! Okay, maybe the Batman thing is just me. What you do not want to do ... Read More »

Back to Basics Kegel Exercises

You may have first heard of Kegel exercises during pregnancy when your doctor instructed you to start doing them, or you may have read about them in a sex-ed book. You might have heard about Ben Wa balls for the first time when you were reading the infamous 50 Shades of Grey, or maybe you stumbled across these weird looking vaginal barbells in a sex shop and inquired what they were. Or maybe, you’ve never ... Read More »

Labels, They’re Not Just For Cans of Soup!

If you listen to any middle school rebel you’ll hear how useless/terrible/stupid labels are; and that’s just another reason not to listen to them. It’s true that when someone else forces a label onto you, it can feel confining and uncomfortable, but choosing a label for yourself  can be quite the opposite. The right label can be liberating, it  can make it quick and easy to identify parts of yourself to others, and it can ... Read More »