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Review: Discipline & Punishment BDSM Spanking Belt Strap

Discipline & Punishment BDSM Spanking Belt Strap

Today’s review item, the Discipline & Punishment BDSM Spanking Belt Strap is brought to you from Etsy, the magical land of beautiful custom products I will never be able to afford and oh god what the fuck why? Specifically, from Mercury Design, a shop dedicated to handmade artisan BDSM gear. When Gene first contacted me and invited me to peruse the store I was instantly impressed by the antique styling of his products ranging from simplistic and utilitarian …

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Review: Tantus Plunge Paddle

Tantus Plunge Paddle

When I first heard that Tantus would be releasing silicone paddles I was excited, like, really excited. Often times impact toys are made of porous materials that cannot be sanitized, like leather or wood, so I was thrilled to see a body safe alternative hit the market. On top of that, the smooth black appearance was so sexy I thought these would be on my wishlist any day now… and then the reviews started pouring …

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Review: Kinklab T-Cups Nipple Suction Set

The Kinklab T-Cups are marketed for nipple suction but can really be used for anywhere on the body that you want to apply suction. They are made almost entirely out of ABS plastic so they are easy to clean but cannot be sanitized so if they are exposed to any bodily fluids I would recommend not sharing between partners who are not fluid bonded. To use the T-Cups you begin by twisting so clockwise so …

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