Kinklab Triple Crown Vibrator Attachment Review

Dual stimulators are tricky, because sometimes you can make them work and sometimes you just can’t. It all comes down to sizing and flexibility of the toy, because if it doesn’t fit your body so all the points are hitting the right spot, well there’s often nothing you can do about that. Add another point of stimulation and you just made things that much harder, which is exactly what Kinklab did with their Triple Crown ... Read More »

Kinklab VibeRite G-Spot Attachment Review

When I first received the G-Spot Attachment from JT’s Stockroom along with the VibeRite Wand (which I reviewed a little bit ago) and two other attachments, I’ll admit that I was the least excited for this one. When I looked at it, the toy seemed to plain, no texture, not particularly lengthy or girthy, so I didn’t expect it to be really anything special but I was surprisingly impressed. The attachment itself came in a ... Read More »

Double Agent Wand Attachment Review

If you read my review of the VibeRite Personal Massager you will remember that I mentioned that there was one attachment worth buying the whole wand for. If you didn’t read it, well, go do it now, we’ll wait. You back? Good, because that attachment I was talking about was this thing right here: the Double Agent Attachment. Okay, I’ll admit, that maybe it isn’t all that pretty, and it’s not made out of my ... Read More »

Lucky Me Lucky You Flavored Towelette Review

Lucky Me, Lucky You makes small towelettes covered with a flavoring designed to enhance oral sex with a partner, making it more enjoyable for the giver and possibly even masking minor tastes and/or odors. They arrive in a small packet, though larger than the average package for a standard moist towelette. At about 3″ x 3″ and featuring the Lucky Me Lucky You logo on the front it is not particularly discrete, it’s clear that ... Read More »

System Jo Water Based Lubricant Review

About a year or so ago I decided I want to try anal sex again and figured I should get myself some lube. Being the beginner toy reviewer (and cheep bastard) that I was I decided to go with water based, something that I could use with both my toys and my partner. So I walked into my local adult shop (which is always a mistake) and moseyed my way up to the woman at ... Read More »

Mini Wondrous Vulva Puppet: Erzuli Review

Meet the Mini Wondrous Vulva Puppet! She is only slightly larger than the size of my hand but she is a beautiful asset to any sexuality educator and her petite size makes her easy to throw in a bag when you’re on the go. For those of you who prefer to teach in front of a crowd you may be interested in the original size. Seventeen years ago the project began with one puppet, hand-made ... Read More »