Njoy Pure Wand vs. Jopen Comet Wand

If you’ve ever hunted for your g-spot or studied to unlock the mysteries of squirting you’ve surely come across the Njoy Pure Wand. It may not be quite as iconic as the vibrator formally known as the Hitachi, but the Pure Wand sure has made a name for itself in the sex toy world as being the go-to for the g-spot. The heavy material, drastic curve, and bulbous head works in a way that seem to ... Read More »

Crystal G Glass Dildo Review

Size matters. Well at the very least, size matters when designing a sex toy. When looking at a picture of the Crystal G it seems great, when holding it in my hand I started to become a little concerned, and when I put it in my vagina I was faced with the sad truth, this toy is just too small. To be honest, my thoughts on this toy go against everything I thought I knew about ... Read More »

Icicles No. 5 Glass Dildo Review

While there is a lot about Pipedream that I don’t like1 there are a few of their lines worth checking out, their budget level toys are fantastic for trying out a material that you are not familiar with, such as glass with the Icicles line. There are some fantastic luxury glass toy companies out there2 and while it’s obvious that glass toys are some of the most beautiful you can get, glass is also one ... Read More »