Review: Vixen Maverick

I’m bad at favorites. I don’t have a favorite movie, and if I have to decide on a birthday dinner I’m suddenly reminded of every vaguely delicious thing I’ve ever eaten. When people ask me who “my” Doctor is, the answer is whichever one I’ve watched most recently, and my favorite Pokemon is an entire damn team.1 However, I can confidently say: the Maverick is my favorite dildo. I know I’ve said this before, but to be ... Read More »

Review: Tantus Uncut #1 & #2

Tantus Uncut #1 & #2

It’s been two months since writers block hit and in that time I’ve developed a rather impressive backlog of things I need to tell you about. There was #DildoHoliday, and Woodhull, and countless new toys. There have been new friends, and OKC misadventures, and some pro-level flirting, but through all of that there’s one thing that I feel most guilty about not sharing with you. We need to talk about how amazing these new Tantus Uncuts are. ... Read More »

Review: Tantus Pack n’ Play No. 2

Tantus Pack N' Play No. 2

After expressing my skepticism for the entire genre of Pack n’ Play dildos in my review of the NYTC Shilo you may find yourself  wondering why exactly I would ever request yet another Pack n’ Play toy. Well diligent reader of my blog, it’s because I’m all about that squish. I absolutely love the stress-ball like texture of a soft toy, I can often be found happily fondling a Vixskin dildo for hours on end while brainstorming a post, and ... Read More »

Vixskin Mustang Review

Vixen Vixskin Mustang

I am in love with the Vixskin Mustang. Head over heals, doodling hearts in notebooks and naming our future children in love with the Mustang. If Vixen Creations ever even considered discontinuing it I would buy backups and then backups for those backups. No, strike that, I would personally raise the money to fund the production of these for the rest of forever. If you’re not familiar with Vixen Creations, you need to be. They are a fantastic company that ... Read More »

NY Toy Collective Shilo Review

  ***Do you like to watch? Check out my video review for Shilo.*** I was a skeptic. Although there are a handful of “Pack n’ Play” dildos1 out there, I’m typically of the mind that if they’re hard enough to fuck they probably don’t make the best packers (unless you want the whole world seeing your boner, in that case more power to you) and if they’re small/soft enough to pack with, I probably don’t ... Read More »

Tantus Bound Review

Tantus Bound

Growing up reading fan fiction I developed a deep love for crossovers, so when I heard the two of my favorite companies, Tantus and SheVibe, would be working together I knew things were going to be good,  just look at the result! Bound is definitely one of the most unique toy designs that I’ve ever seen, featuring a beautiful realistic style complete with bulging veins and wrinkled skin. It’s so much more than just another ... Read More »

Cadet Silicone Dildo Review

Pleasure Works Cadet

The Cadet silicone dildo confuses me, it confused me from the moment I pulled it from it’s packaging to the moment I pulled it from my vagina. It’s appearance alone confounds me, and it’s shape made me question things I thought I knew for sure about my own body. The Cadet is soft yet firm, detailed yet abstract. It is a g-spot’s dream come true or worst nightmare, depending on the day, time, lunar cycle, ... Read More »