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IMG_6353I have always lusted after Fun Factory vibes, particularly their G4 line, but I kept putting off purchasing one of them, letting other beautiful toys distract me instead. That is, until I saw the Stronic Eins. I’ve been intrigued by fucking machines for a long time thanks to my love of deep thrusting, but being a poor college kid I haven’t had the funds or access to try one, so when I first saw the Stronic Eins it seemed like a dream come true. It was a compact fucking machine that fit easily in my nightstand and, although a bit pricey, one that I could afford. The Stronic Eins uses new patented technology1 to actually THRUST in and out of the body. This isn’t your typical vibrator, if placed it on a hard surface it will move across it rather than just bouncing around in place, pretty quickly actually. I have considered buying two so they could race.

MeasurementsThe shaft of the toy is designed with a slightly curved tip which is intended to stimulate the G-spot, then there is about four inches before the shaft lifts upwards again in a ridge that they claim is designed to stimulate the clitoris, a design clearly inspired by many of their other toys. These are both outright lies. That curve is not curved enough to find my g-spot the way it’s supposed to and that nub or whatever they want to call it will never ever touch my clit. I probably could have figured this out long before I spent my hard earned money on the Eins if I had taken ten seconds to look past “OHMYGOD LOOK AT IT THRUST!”

And boy does it thrust, featuring a number of different patterns and speeds the Stronic toys really do pulsate as advertised, or as any video can show you. They feel as impressive in the hand as they look on film, but unfortunately for me and my wallet, none of that translates well into my vag.




I’m going to be totally honest with you right now, I wrote all of that and then stopped to test the toy once more before I wrote this section because this is the part where I get to write my opinion and I was really, really, nervous that I was going to have to write a negative review.

Before using the Stronic I couldn’t understand why they called it a pulsator while at the same time bragging that it thrust to provide stimulation,  because “thrusting” and “pulsing” don’t seem to be the same thing, but when the Stronic is on it’s fastest speeds it feels like one of the rumbliest vibrators I have ever felt. The vibration-like sensation is not incredibly strong but it is deeper and thuddier than anything I have ever used. I can feel the pulsation like sensations moving up through my pelvis and even in to my lower abdomen. On the slower modes it feels much more like it is thrusting, although not very strong. This is also the only toy ever that I actually care for the patterns on, so that’s something.

The feel of the Stronic truly is a unique sensation, and definitely nothing like any other toy I’ve used, but, deep breath now everybody, I don’t like it. It just doesn’t work for me, for three major reasons.

  1. It doesn’t thrust like I thrust.– I’ll be honest, when I heard “thrusting dildo” I figured thrusting is thrusting, and I like thrusting so I’ll like this right? Wrong. While this toy offers short/fast thrusts that are not very powerful I prefer deeper, more powerful thrusts. In addition, the toys I am thrusting with are usually also vibrating, adding even more stimulation. Don’t get me wrong, the Stronic thrusts, and boy does it thrust, but it just doesn’t thrust how I thrust.
  2. The shape.– While the entire shaft has a hard plastic base keeping it solid, the tip is soft and flexible, and unable to give the intense g-spot stimulation I crave. I prefer my G-spot toys to have a more bulbous head to focus the sensation internally, instead this toy it thin at the tip and swells at the base into what Fun Factory calls a “clitoral stimulator”. Lets get one thing straight, this does not stimulate the clit, not my clit, not anyone’s clit, stop lying to yourselves Fun Factory. What it does do is create a very full feeling at the vaginal opening and makes the toy feel much larger than it is. If you like the full sensation of taking a larger toy than this will be a perk for you, I on the other hand, prefer the larger portion of the toy to be deeper internally and have it be thinner around the base and this swollen base.
  3. The material.– Silicone is great, we all know that, but it’s not all created equal. This silicone is not like the luxurious silicone of Lelo or the glossy grabby silicone of Tantus. The silicone on the Stronic rough, gritty, and grabby, it feels almost like really fine grain sandpaper. Rumor has it that the texture of the silicone is different on the plum color than on the others and I hope so because this one is just awful. I tried lube, and I tried more lube, and I tried thicker lube, and I tried slicker lube. No matter what it just grabbed at the walls of my vag, irritating me and not thrusting.

Don’t get me wrong, the Stronic Eins is not a bad toy, its a fantastic toy, just not for me. While the toy may not work for me, it has worked for many other bloggers and may just work for you too but make sure you know your body and preferences before you plunk down the money and pick one up. As for my Stronic? Well I’ll probably keep it around and pull it out every once in a while for sex toy show and tell, but it won’t be used very often.

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Pulsation (Thrust)


Works well, just not for me.

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  1. Magnets. The secret is Magnets. []

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  • JM

    Thanks for this review… I have been lusting after this one for a bit so I will weigh a few more options before I buy. I too want the thrust.

  • The Ginger Guardian

    I had pretty much the same complaints about it you did–boy, is it powerful but the thrusting isn’t the same sort of thrusting I do with my own hands, and it could have a more flared end to drag on the g-spot area a bit more. I also got myself the Stronic Drei and that felt way better–the ridges looked mean but they worked better with the short little thrusts the toy gives you, so that you still get a nice massaging sensation all along the vagina (and it felt like it reached the g-spot better, too). And while I thought this was a bit “meh” when used on its own (it feels way less powerful when it’s actually inside you!), I found that when combined with a clit buzzer (my favourite being Lelo’s Mia 2), it became wonderful (but again, I preferred the ridged Drei version for more sensation). And I, too, prefer internal stimulation and find it hard to come “fully” without penetration–it was just that in this case, the addition of external vibrations heightened the internal ones. So I definitely recommend trying it with a buzzer.

    • Bex

      Thank you so much for adding this! I’ve considered trying some of the others or even trying this one again because it was a toy I really wanted to love but it just didn’t work for me. In my hands it just feels so awesome but it just doesn’t work for me, it was such a disappointment.

      • The Ginger Guardian

        Know how you feel. I was really excited about the thrusting at first myself and then it felt like a let-down, especially given the price tag. But do try it with a buzzer; I promise it’ll make a world of difference. Although the Drei is about a million times better what with its ridges–I normally squirt very rarely but I’ve reached that level nearly every time I’ve used that one (again in combination with a buzzer) o_O I rarely use the Eins any longer because of that. But even with the Eins, the double buzz somehow makes the toy feel better inside of you when the two vibrations meet in the middle of your flesh and so on. I think that what I learned from both toys is that a) I shouldn’t have expected the thrusting to be the same as a lover or my own hand and b) that they’re both at their best when it comes to giving yourself an internal massage, for teasing, for getting really hot and soft and wet, but that for getting the actual orgasms, I need to turn them off most of the time and just do the thrusting myself. Oh, and despite the draggy surface, I find that the Eins is really good on those days when my vagina is sore but I’m still desperately horny and want penetration–it’s surprisingly gentle.

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