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Review: Lelo Gigi 2

Lelo Gigi 2The Lelo Gigi is the first luxury sex toy I had ever encountered encountered when I first started exploring the world of sex toys. Of course it was also well outside of my price range at the time so I never got my hands on one, but I later found out that it is also an iconic, top selling g-spot toy. It may not be as well known as the Magic Wand, but most people with even a passing knowledge of sex toys have seen the Gigi and well tell you that’s the go-to for a fantastic g-spot vibrator. Dig a little deeper and you hear a different story, many of the most prominent sex toy reviewers will point you in another direction if you want a great g-spot toy from Lelo, they’ll point to the Mona 2. Much like the Mona, Lelo has taken the time to revamp their classic and have released the Gigi 2, with what they say is a motor that is twice as powerful and some really beautiful color options. The question is, is Gigi the g-spot powerhouse people seem to think it is?

Upon first glance Gigi seems on par with any other luxury toy, the silicone is of the deliciously soft and velvety variety that we’re used to with Lelo and although there are seams between the silicone and plastic they are smooth and don’t feature the gaps that I’ve complained about with my first generation Lelo toys. The handle is where things get a little different though, instead of having a small silicone cover on the charge port, the Gigi’s is totally exposed, despite this it is still totally waterproof so it is pretty much a non-issue even though it may look concerning.

Where I do have an issue is the controls. Gigi 2 features the four button cross design that the other classic Lelo vibrators employ but instead of four distinct buttons the Gigi has them all located on one small control pad. The entire control pad is about the size of my thumb which, not surprisingly, means it can be difficult to pinpoint what button exactly I want to push.  It’s easy for me to accidentally push the wrong one, or two at the same time, somehow jolting me into the dreaded pattern-land when all I wanted to do was increase the strength of vibrations.

It’s Gigi’s shape that makes it the iconic vibe that it is, the curve and broad flat head are perfect for targeting the g-spot. While the shape of the Mona hooks around my pubic bone and cradles my entire g-spot the Gigi provides more direct pressure on a specific area. Luckily I have a relatively shallow g-spot so I can reach it easily but for someone with a deeper g-spot the modest 3.5″ shaft won’t be enough. This is a small toy, comparable to about two fingers in length and width, so if you can’t easily reach and stimulate your g-spot with your fingers you won’t be able to with Gigi.

If it is long enough for you the broad head provides some really great g-spot stimulation, I typically favor broad and bulbous toys but the flat head on this is absolutely fantastic and finds my g-spot without effort. Additionally it works really well for clit stimulation which is something I didn’t expect.

Usually I find I prefer long thin toys that will rest between my labia and hit both the inner and outer structure of the clitoris, but the broad head on the Gigi easily provides the pressure I crave and I can hook my clit just under the curve, pushing the clitoral hood out of the way and stimulating the clit more directly for more intense sensation.

The shape is fantastic, albeit small, and the silicone is delectable, but if that was all you wanted, you could buy Ella, which is a dildo at nearly 1/3 the price, with even a little extra length and a second usable end. No if you want the Gigi you’re here for the vibrations, and I’m sorry to say that you’ll be disappointed. The vibrations aren’t terribly weak, but they’re far from powerful, and middle of the road is disappointing for a luxury vibe. More than that, they don’t even remotely resemble the deep rumbly vibrations that we all love so much about the Mona. These are buzzy, but they don’t feel that way at first, it is only after I have them firmly on my clit that I start to feel the uncomfortable sensation that they create.

Using the Gigi on my clit for too long leaves it itchy, slightly numbed, and aroused, wanting something between an orgasm and a good scratch. The problem is, the Gigi will do neither for me and just has me frustrated and uncomfortable and at a point where even my other vibes have trouble getting me off because of the residual numb itchiness left behind. Internally these vibrations are unimpressive to say the least, luckily they don’t irritate my g-spot the way they do my clit, but that’s because I don’t feel much of anything when they’re on my g-spot, they just don’t have the power or the rumbly quality that I need for them to matter at all internally.

The Gigi has quite the reputation, a reputation it earned back when body safe luxury toys were just appearing on the scene. Now that we have so many other fantastic alternatives it no longer deserves quite the level of praise that it gets. Sure the shape is still fantastic, albeit a bit small for my tastes, and the materials are still high quality but the problem is the motor. This motor might have been impressive when Lelo was still new but it disappoints with so many other better alternatives now. If you want the shape? Get the Ella, but if you want powerful g-spot vibration, the newer Mona 2 is what you need.

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