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Review: Eroscillator 2 Plus w/ Soft Finger

Eroscillator 2 PlusPart sonic screwdriver, part steampunk electric toothbrush the Eroscillator 2 Plus looks like the kind of toy your mom would have spent her formative years jerking off with, and she very well might have. This thing has been around forever- it’s the hipster retro foreign film of sex toys. It may not be a household name like The Wand Formerly Known as the Hitachi but it has garnered a much deserved cult following from those in the know.

What makes the Eroscillator so special? It offers an alternative to your typical clitoral stimulator in that it doesn’t vibrate- it oscillates. Oscillation is more controlled in it’s movement than erratic vibration and can often occur organically in nature, whereas vibration is only ever the result of a machine. Oscillation penetrates into the deepest tissues and is unlikely to numb nerve endings. Basically- it is a good thing for clits the world over.

If you read anything I’ve ever written you’re used to me always talking about wanting more pressure, more pressure and more power. Having an orgasm for the first time was a real journey for me and every orgasm since then has been hard won. I have never gotten off with anything less than the top speed on a toy and my arms usually tire out before my clit.

Except when I’m using the Eroscillator.

Somehow the top speed manages to be too much for me on some days. I can actually use it hands-free– propping it up between my thighs and letting it hum away on its own, jostling my labia and my clit. Without any pressure, on the lowest speed, with a book of erotica in my hands, I had an orgasm. Who even am I?

And it’s not just masturbation that’s different with the Eroscillator, even the orgasms themselves are different. The Eroscillator edges for me, it brings me right to the brink of orgasm and lets me hover there for minutes, hours, days. Who’s counting? It’s not even frustrating. It doesn’t leave me wondering why my body won’t just fucking come already. Instead it gets me blissed out in a fuzzy bubble of feel good and in no rush to go anywhere.

Now go ahead and imagine my best infomercial voice because THAT’S NOT ALL! The Eroscillator may only look like one toy but it also has up to 7 interchangeable heads1, each one delivering that delicious sensation a little differently.

Eroscillator Heads 1 Eroscilator Heads 2The package I received included the Ultra Soft Finger Tip (or- the sqooshy one), the Golden Spoon (or- the one with a clit of it’s own), the Ball and Cup (or- the one that makes it look most like a sonic screwdriver), and Grapes and Cockscomb (or- the one with the fauxhawk). These tips are made of TPR which gives them a very tacky surface and slight give so they definitely need lube. While being body safe they cannot be sanitized so use a condom when you share.

As you might have already guessed- my dedication to all things squishy had me most excited to try the Ultra Soft Finger Tip, and not surprisingly, this turned out to be the mellowest of the bunch- even though it still transmits the sensation quite well. It’s the perfect attachment for that blissed out I’m-living-in-a-giant-nest-of-the-world’s-softest-blankets-and-everything-is-covered-in-glitter-and-rainbows feeling I was talking about earlier.

Both the Ball and Cup and the Golden Spoon are best who prefer stimulation around the outside of their clit instead of directly. The Ball and Cup is perfectly round with really thin edges whereas the Golden Spoon is more oblong with fat edges. The Golden Spoon also has that little nub at the top that can cradle just under or just on the clit head. While they both felt fine, neither was really my jam and after using them for testing I quickly cast them aside.

The real surprise came when I tried the Grapes and Cockscomb- which I expected to hate. I popped it easily onto the body of the toy, adjusted it so the “grapes” were adjacent to my clit, and slowly lowered it until it made contact with my body, wincing all the way. The small round balls promptly went to war on my clit, a full frontal assault, beating it into submission… and I was actually kind of into it. There’s no ignoring the texture on these, it will command your attention and will rocket you towards orgasm. For quick, explosive, clit focused orgasms this is the attachment I turn to.

Eroscillator 2 PlusI initially wanted to try the Eroscillator because so many other reviewers had raved about it. They often described it as something wholly different than anything they had ever put on their clit, so I had these expectations of something completely divorced from anything I had ever felt. You can imagine my disappointment then when I first stuck it down my pants and felt nothing but standard, rumbly vibration. It took some time- a few uses even- before I started to realize how different it actually was.

The Eroscillator is rumbly but never numbing, it penetrates throughout all the nerves in my pelvis without any pressure at all. Sometimes I’m not even sure if it’s actually touching my clit or just humming deliciously around my labia. The orgasms I have with it are all about the journey. They are relaxing and comfortable and slow won- never frantic and desperate like some of my vibes. The Eroscillator is a toy for day off wanking.

Yes. It’s expensive- probably a little overpriced to be honest. I don’t love it $40 more than my Mona, and certainly not $75-$95 more than my Tango and Touch. Yes. It’s also ugly, and can’t be totally sterilized. But there’s a reason it stands out from the crowd. The Eroscillator 2 Plus is truly a unique product it is definitely worth adding to any sex toy collection.

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Oscillations make this toy stand out as a unique and powerful alternative to your typical vibrator.

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  1. Some of which have 2 sides, offering even more options! []

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  • Come Heather

    Your writing has a really good voice. I’ve been wanting this toy since 2004! What? Saying that makes me realize that buying this toy is long overdue!

  • Heaven

    I am still wanting to get my hands on this toy, I am glad to hear you enjoy using this.

  • Spangle

    I love my Eroscillator! I have the Top Deluxe but I don’t use the 3rd speed very often. Still, I appreciate it for days when my clit is being especially stubborn. I’m really surprised that more people don’t like the Ball and Cup, because the cup side is my favorite attachment. The Cockscomb is a close second, especially if you like one side of your clit stimulated more than the other. The marshmallow is squishy, yes, but I think that’s kind of moot since you can’t press it very hard into your body. I’m usually a pressure queen too, but with the Eroscillator I don’t feel the need to use too much.

  • Great review, dude! I have always been curious about this toy, largely (like you) just because of how much other sex you reciewers seem to adore it.

    I’ve always held back, though, due to its weird aesthetic (steampunk toothbrush = not really my thing) and crazy price tag. And if you say it’s not worth $40 more than your Mona, well… I think I’d try the Mona first.

    And then maybe circle back ’round to the Eroscillator someday. :p

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