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Hole Punch FlukeSometimes I can tell you right away how I feel about a toy. Right out of the box1 I’m either writing love sonnets or brainstorming the most effective ways to destroy it for all eternity. Other times I am decidedly indifferent about a product, I couldn’t care less if it fell onto my clit or into a volcano, both instances would be met with a resounding “meh”.

It’s rare that a product oscillates between these two categories, and I’m not sure I’ve ever felt as conflicted about a toy as I do with the Fluke from Hole Punch.

The product itself is somewhat unique (like many of the toys from Hole Punch), the pronounced ridge around the head of the toy suggests that it is designed for thrusting against the g-spot or prostate but the modest length and thinner shaft around the base means it is particularly well suited as a plug for vaginal or anal use.

While the 5.75″ length and somewhat flexible silicone mean it’s comfortable internally for long term wear, the wide base means I can’t wear it if I plan on doing anything like, for example, walking. That is, unless I don’t mind waddling around like a duck with chub rub while trying to avoid the silicone digging into the tops of my thighs.

If, on the other hand, I’m not going to be doing much moving and am just sitting, then the base is somewhat unobtrusive and I can focus on the feeling of that ridge against my g-spot. A subtle shift in my hips or squeeze of my PC muscles reminds me that it’s there, sending pulses of arousal through my body and making it hard to focus on the task at hand… like writing a review… just… for example…


OKAY, and I’m back. See the problem is, as much as I enjoy the feelings of the Fluke internally during long term wear, the instance of me being able to wear it without also having to walk around is rare, and the external discomfort from the base is hard to ignore, which means I probably won’t be using it very often, or recommending it for any sort of long term use.

I do get the impression that the Fluke would be great to wear while using my new harness, although I haven’t had the opportunity to test it.2 I figure that the motions of fucking would be ideal to push the toy into the g-spot while the limited movement of my legs would mean less irritation from the base, but again, that’s just a theory.

Hole Punch FlukeNow, as a product for use during solo play, my feelings are just as mixed. When I first received the Fluke back in June, a 2″ diameter on a toy seemed quite large to me, I had the Maverick, and although I had managed to conquer it, it’s not something I used frequently.  I tended to stick with the more modest 1.5″ Mustang for the majority of my jacking off.

When I decided to use the Fluke for the first time I did so with little warm up, so I had to take my time and wait for my body to adjust to the size. I appreciated the subtle pressure of the girth against my vulva as I slowly inserted it and the ‘pop’ of it finally sliding into place was satisfying and too good to only be felt once.

Unfortunately, it’s the kind of thing I only did really feel once, maybe two or three times, but soon my body was accustomed to the size of the Fluke and it settled into place much more easily.

Nowadays, I’m lucky if I get that pop even the first time. My preferences have shifted to the larger toys as of late, my Njoy Eleven, Caitlin’s Double Trouble, and my beloved Maverick make regular appearances in my masturbation rotation, usually with little to no warm up, and I’ve even made a valiant attempt at a fist.3 Now the 2″ coronal ridge feels more than manageable and while I’m impressed by my vagina’s progress, I do miss the sense of accomplishment Fluke used to give me.4

Once the Fluke is actually inserted, I find I get minimal g-spot sensation. Enough to nudge it here and there, which can be exciting during non-sexy times, but when I’m actively trying to get off I need a little more. Typically that’s about the point where I would start thrusting with the toy, but tapered tip and shaft of the Fluke coupled with the it’s limited length means that it favors being completely inserted, or completely outside of my body and nowhere in between. Thrusting is doable, but just not ideal.

Leaving it place on the other hand, is unimpressive at best. The ridge is pronounced enough to tug at the g-spot during movement, but too unassuming to provide much pressure on it’s own. The tapered shaft also means that the toy is thinnest at my vaginal opening, which is the reason it sits in place so well as a plug, but also deprives me of the full/stretched feeling I really enjoy about larger toys. A round shape or firmer material might have provided more pressure internally while allowing the toy to maintain it’s slender base, but the thin ridge just isn’t enough.

Hole Punch Toys is a small one man operation based in Minnesota. Every toy is hand crafted with high quality silicone and the Fluke is no different. My feelings may be mixed on how it felt in use for me but it can’t be denied that it is a well made product in an attractive design. If you’re looking for a girthy silicone plug to leave in place during play, then the Fluke is for you, but I’d be wary of that base for long term use. If you don’t need to thrust with your toys to enjoy them and prefer to squeeze around them instead, then the Fluke is for you. If on the other hand you prefer your penetration with lots of movement and/or targeted g-spot stimulation then you might be happier with the Vixskin Maverick or Tantus Duchess, both of which feature soft silicone and pronounced g-spot heads.

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Fluke is a great toy, well made, and unique, the shape just doesn't always work for my body.

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  1. Or my box. Eh… eh… *nudge nudge*

    …I’ll show myself out. []

  2. The line for volunteers forms to the left. *crickets* []
  3. …and got damn close, I’m not giving up. []
  4. This is your friendly reminder that big toys don’t stretch you out and ruin you. []

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    This toy is amazing, the colors are really pretty.

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