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Review: L’amourose Prism VII

L'amourose Prism VIIIf you read even a small handful of sex toy blogs, you’ve heard of the Lelo Mona 2, everyone’s favorite multipurpose vibe. For a good long time, the Mona was my go to recommendation for people who wanted a high end beginner toy. The gently curved shaft is comfortable internally or externally, the powerful motor offers a wide range of speeds, it’s rechargeable, waterproof, silicone, all around just a really solid vibe.

Then Lelo started releasing some really gimmicky crap, and I started recommending them less.

Then Lelo raised all of their prices, and I started recommending them less.

Then Lelo partnered with Charlie Sheen, and, yea, I’m… I’m just done.


Luckily, now we have L’amourose who, frankly, is everything Lelo should be. They produce high quality luxury products without being pretentious. They aren’t concerned with “unique1 features and instead focus on creating designs that simply work well. They don’t seem to care about being revolutionary, they just want to be excellent. And they are. They’re the sex toy company we deserve.

The Prism VII is easily one of the classiest, prettiest vibes I own. The Prism is the kind of vibe that makes me feel like I should be laying on a velvet chaise lounge and smoking from a swanky cigarette holder while I jerk off, instead of just shoving it down the front of my Pokemon boxers. It’s the kind of vibe that stands on my nightstand, looking all majestic and luxurious and making me wish my nightstand was more than just a stack of plastic drawers. It’s the kind of vibe that belongs in a museum.

L'Amourose Prism VIIOh, and in case you missed it, I did, in fact, say that it stands on my nightstand. That’s an important bit there y’all, don’t overlook it. Because when you’ve got a vibrator covered in lube and jiz, and you need to put it down, you’re going to be thanking the tap dancing dildo gods that you don’t have to worry about accidentally putting it down in a pile of cat hair.

I reviewed the Rosa last year, and although the motor was spectacular, the flexible neck meant it didn’t quite jive with my body and my preferences. The Prisms on the other hand have the exact same g-spot targeting head, but also feature a body of hard plastic coated in smooth silicone, just like my beloved Mona, which means I can use as much pressure as my greedy little clit desires.

The motor is slightly stronger that the Mona 2 and a hair weaker than the Rosa, with my favorite style of vibrations- a deep powerful rumble and just a hint of buzz to cap it off. Many people assume the rumblier the better with sex toys, the more rumble the deeper the vibrations will penetrate, which is true, but my favorite toys all have a bit of a buzzy finish. We’re not talking JimmyJane levels of buzzy, or a watch battery bullet, or this god forsaken thing, but I’ve found a touch of buzziness to offset the rumble can help to stimulate the surface of my clit, while the rumble handles the rest of the CUV complex, and sometimes that’s what I need to push me over the edge.

I suppose I’ve been talking a lot about how this feels on my clit for an internal toy, but that’s almost exclusively how I use it. Internally it’s passable, the vibration is rumbly enough to be noticeable and not irritating, and the curve of the toy targets my g-spot quite well, but we all know that I prefer big hunks of squishy silicone in me and this is just not that.

NoPlus, what THE FUCK is that thing they’re calling a clit arm? Whose clit do they think they’re hitting with that? Seriously, it’s just this little one inch sliver of silicone hanging onto my beautiful vibe that does nothing but get in the way. I guess it transmits some of the vibration, and might line up right for some people, but even the best rabbit vibes are kind of useless garbage and this is far from the best. The only reason I would recommend the Prism VII over the Prism V (which is identical minus the joke of a clit arm) is if you plan to put it in your butt, where, to be honest, it would probably make a pretty rad prostate toy.2

Luckily none of my bitching about the external arm matters when I have the head of the Prism VII pushed hard against my clit, and the slender frame that fails to wow me internally is perfect when I want something more focused than my wand. The s-shape curves beautifully around my mons and into my hand, and bonus points- it’s my favorite shade of cobalt blue. It’s everything I loved about the Mona 2 and more, and it’s my recommendation for anyone looking for a multi purpose luxury vibe. L’Amourose may still be one of the newer companies on the scene, but they understand what makes a great sex toy, and this is it.

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The powerful motor and solid body means it makes a fantastic external toy, but for the love of god it's not a rabbit.

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  1. Read: useless. []
  2. While not the most secure (the arm is pretty flexible) I’m pretty confident that the curve plus the clit arm would make this toy safe for most butts. []

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