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Review: The Swan Wand

Swan WandIt’s not often a new vibrator catches my eye the way the Swan Wand did. Plenty of wands boast “Magic Wand level vibrations”, and quite a few of them even manage it, but I already I already have a Magic Wand Rechargable, so all the other similar wands seem redundant.1 What stood out to me about the Swan Wand wasn’t the vibrations, it was the insertable, G-Spot friendly shape, and the 2.5″ diameter on the widest side.

Challenge accepted.

When I talk about G-Spot stimulation, I often compare the pressure a G-Spot needs to the kind you’d use during a good back massage. Where a clit might prefer delicate touch, many G-Spots require deep, firm pressure to get through the layers of tissue surrounding it. For myself, like many others, vibration is not often a big part of that, but what made the Swan Wand stand out to me was how rumbly its vibrations were. Rumbly vibrations are often considered superior to their buzzier kin, particularly for their ability to penetrate through those thick layers of tissue, which not only makes them great for stimulation the internal clit through the vulva, but also for the G-Spot.

Luckily, the Swan Wand worked exactly how I thought it would, the wide head slipped past my pubic bone and nestled right into place against my G-Spot, pushing hard and deep, like a broad, flat Pure Wand, and sending earthquakes of vibration through it. Unlike the Pure Wand, I find the drag of the silicone and broad shape to be better suited to stationary pressure than thrusting, which also helps me to focus on the vibration.

In my experience, internal vibration is always drowned out as soon as I couple it with an external vibe, but when I coupled the Swan Wand with my Magic Wand Rechargable the two worked perfectly in tandem to surround my G-Spot and internal clit with rumbly goodness. The vibrations bounced back and forth between the two motors, oscillating like a rapid fire pattern mode with no breaks. It’s something I’ve experienced with other toys with two motors, and usually not enjoyed, but the fact that these were approaching my body from two different erogenous zones means they built on each other instead of distracting from the sensation.

It was pinnacle of effortless masturbation, I simply held the vibrators in place and it felt like my genitals were on a roller coaster. Vibration, arousal, and focus ricocheted back and forth from my clit to my G-Spot, building on each other in wave after wave of sensation. Enough to bring me right up to the edge but not quite enough consistency to tip me over until I was ready to take that leap myself.

If you are interested a Swan Wand for this and only this purpose, by all means stop reading here and go buy it immediately. You will not be disappointed. Unfortunately, most consumers don’t have the arsenal of sex toys that I have and need something a bit more versatile, and that’s where the Swan Wand falls short.

The vibrations that felt phenomenal internally, were actually too rumbly for me externally- something you don’t hear often in the sex toy world. While rumbles are great for stimulating deeper tissue, I usually need a hint of buzz to engage the surface tissue on my vulva, particularly around the head of my clit, and to push me over the edge. With the Swan Wand I felt like I was constantly chasing the vibration that felt buried in the toy, pushing it harder and harder against me just trying to find that extra oomph, but never quite getting there.

The controls are the traditional design for toys with PowerBullet motors, tap once to turn on and off, push and hold to increase speeds. Otherwise known as The Exact Opposite Of Every Other Toy In the Entire Industry. Come on people, we have a system, it works, why do you have to fuck with it? Sure, I can figure them out, but it’s just unnecessarily annoying.

The slender side is… fine. The motor is impressively rumbly and powerful (though not quite to the level of the larger side) and offers more direct external stimulation and more accessible internal use, but the shape is lackluster and uninspired. A flatter head like that on the larger end (or like the Lelo Gigi), or a coronal ridge would allow me to leverage some pressure or friction against my G-Spot, but as it is, it only offers a more generalized sensation of penetration and vibration.

The Swan Wand is an impressive vibrator with unmatched power and design, but it just barely misses the mark for me in a lot of ways. Maybe I’m spoiled, so immersed in the sex toy world that I was able to find toys that fit my body so perfectly I rarely want to try anything else. I appreciate the range of options that the Swan Wand offers, and am certain that most people who try it will find at least one way that it feels phenomenal. It’s not my new jack-off-of-all-trades vibe, and it won’t be making an appearance every time I need a vibe, but when I want to feel stretched full with intense G-Spot attention and minimal effort you’ll find my bits enveloped in the rumbly vibrations of my Swan Wand and Magic Wand Rechargable.

Many thanks to Adam and Eve for partnering with me on this post. For your own Swan Wand (and any other goodies you’ve got your eye on) head over to AdamandEve.com and enter code BEX at checkout to get 50% off one item and Free Shipping on your entire order in the US and Canada (certain exclusions apply, 100% satisfaction guarantee).

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Well made and powerful, this wand is a solid sex toy with some amazing uses, but somehow it's just *too* rumbly for my clit?

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  1. If you’re shaking your head in disbelief at me, head over to JoEllen Notte who has many wand opinions and will tell you exactly why the Doxy is great. Then come back here for more dildo opinions. []

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