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14958091_1703142166670037_212936056_oI’m bad at favorites. I don’t have a favorite movie, and if I have to decide on a birthday dinner I’m suddenly reminded of every vaguely delicious thing I’ve ever eaten. When people ask me who “my” Doctor is, the answer is whichever one I’ve watched most recently, and my favorite Pokemon is an entire damn team.1

However, I can confidently say: the Maverick is my favorite dildo.

I know I’ve said this before, but to be fair, when I professed my love for the Mustang, my vag was in a very different place. I had rarely been able to conquer the Maverick and every time I did it was an ordeal and an accomplishment. Now however, nearly two years later, the Maverick is the toy I will grab every damn time, without a second thought.

What changed? Did my whorish ways stretch my vag so that only the bulkiest hunks of silicone could satiate it’s monstrous appetite? No.

No, what happened was I actually learned how to train my body to accommodate girth.

Let’s pretend that tomorrow I woke up and decided I wanted to be a runner.2 Bear with me. Let’s say I wanted to run a marathon- I wouldn’t get up, walk out the door, and run that marathon. I’d warm up, stretch, and train. Maybe after a year of running regularly I’d be able wake up one day and decide to run a marathon, but even at my best, I’d still take a few minutes to warm up.

That’s how girth works.

See the problem I first had with the Maverick was that I didn’t understand girth, and I didn’t understand warm up, and so I wasn’t able to comfortably use it. I was always jumping from the Mustang to the Maverick and my body just wasn’t able to make the leap, but then I got the Uncuts and everything changed.

In the past inserting the Maverick had always meant pain. It meant squirming, and pushing past tightness and just waiting for my body to get used to the discomfort, but this time was different. I was already using the 1.75″ in diameter Uncut, so when I started craving the Maverick not only was I super turned on, but  I was already warmed up. So instead of the struggle I was used to with the Maverick, it slipped effortlessly inside me, and felt better than it ever had before. I felt full but not stretched past my limits, I was able to thrust comfortably and really appreciate the shape rather than just the ‘ZOMG there is something HUGE inside me!’.

That day, a Size Bean3 was born.

SinVixen Vixskin Maverickce then I’ve tried out a lot of girthy toys, and I’ve realized I have quite the taste for them, but the Maverick is still by and large one of my favorites. See, it’s about more than just size, and the shape of the Maverick is absolutely divine.

The gentle curve combined and the broad blunt head pounds against the front wall of my vag, making my legs shake and my g-spot swell. The size means I can feel every detail of it’s shape, and the swoop of the glans coupled the pronounced arch of the coronal ridge somehow manages to find and massage the fuck out of my g-spot. Every. Single. Time.

You’ve heard me evangelize Vixskin before, but allow me to share it’s gospel with you once again. This toy is incredibly squishy, which means I don’t have to worry when I’m thrusting as hard and as fast as I possibly can (because goddamn this thing is so great) and it also means that it has plenty of give to it when my muscles clench tight around it as I come for the umptenth time (because goddamn. This thing is SO GREAT).

I could write poetry about the Maverick. Sonnets about that squish and love songs about that gorgeous head. No amount of prose could do justice to the amount of love I have for this toy, which is why I have done all of you a monumental disservice by waiting this long to write about it.

This is my penance, my apology, and my attempt to make things right, because if you like girth, and you like squish, and you like your g-spot (or prostate!) stimulated, you need a Maverick in your life. Your holes will thank you.

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Hell Yes!

The Maverick is the perfect girthy dildo. Seriously. If you want a toy of size, nothing in my collection can compare.

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  1. Charmander, Growlithe, Sableye, Vileplume, Squirtle, Tangela []
  2. Ha! []
  3. Size Queen is a popular term for people who favor large insertables, ‘Bean’ is my best friend’s non-gendered noun of choice for me. Ergo- Size Bean. []

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  • Puspus Girl

    My sextoy wishlist just grows and grows and grows… But like – seriously. The size of my toys are growing and the lenght of the list is growing… Well, I don´t mind, thanks for the awsome review with the awsome matching thigh highs <3

  • You killed it with the matching socks. Extra points on that one.

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