Vixen Vixskin Mustang

Vixskin Mustang Review

Vixen Vixskin Mustang
The Mustang isn’t available in this neon green anymore but you can find it in flesh tones and tie-bright!

I am in love with the Vixskin Mustang. Head over heals, doodling hearts in notebooks and naming our future children in love with the Mustang. If Vixen Creations ever even considered discontinuing it I would buy backups and then backups for those backups. No, strike that, I would personally raise the money to fund the production of these for the rest of forever.

If you’re not familiar with Vixen Creations, you need to be. They are a fantastic company that makes (mostly realistic) silicone dildos, but what they are probably most known for is their revolutionary patent pending dual density silicone, “Vixskin“.1

They are not the only company to offer dual density toys, but in my opinion they are the best. The outer layer is some of the softest silicone I have ever felt and it is slightly thicker and more plush than the outer layer on Tantus’ dual density toys. Although the surface can sometimes feel a little tacky all you have to do is coat it with a thin layer of corn starch and it will feel almost eerily skin-like. Not only does it feel perfect in my vag but sometimes I just have it on my desk to squeeze and fondle while I write because I am just that in love with the way it feels.

Vixen Creations doesn’t only have a near perfect material, their molds are some of the most realistic in look and feel that I have ever seen. The surface features ridges, folds, and even veins that manage to not look cheesy. It’s all too often that I find veins on toys that are either spidery and barely there, or bulging and terrifying, but Vixen has perfected the vein texture on their toys to just add that extra touch of realism. It’s rare that I find a realistic toy that I am actually enamored by the appearance of, but Vixen is on point when it comes to all of their designs.

For a long time I, like many others, was a bit squicked by realistic toys, but it was Vixen Creation’s fantastic design that really won me over. Aside from being perfect for lovers of realistic toys and soft dildos, Vixen Creation’s toys are also a great option for transmen looking for a realistic play cock as their base makes them harness compatible.

Of all of the Vixskin toys, Mustang is the most realistically sized with most of the others being either monstrous or quite slender and more tailored towards introductory anal play. At about 6.5″ long and about 1.5″ wide Mustang might not look like much, but that curve combined with this material is possibly the best thing on this planet for me.

Vixen Vixskin Mustang HeadTypically I would look for a firmer toy for G-spot stimulation, but despite the soft, flexible nature of the Mustang this toy targets my g-spot in a way no other toy does. The pronounced head, while soft and malleable, feels just as targeted as my firmer toys but has the courtesy to not catch or grind on my pubic bone. It doesn’t just nudge the g-spot the way other toys do either, it gives it a deep massage creating a level of pleasure that resonates throughout my whole body.

Everything about the Mustang is deep and powerful, the sensations it gives just seem to have more substance than the sensations from my other toys which, by comparison, feel like they only just scratch the surface. Mustang blew my other dildos out of the water the way a first truly rumbly vibe can make you wonder how you ever loved your battery operated bullet.

Epiphora calls the Mustang “perfect” and I’m going to counter by saying that there is one problem with this toy, it completely cripples my masturbate-a-thons.2  The Mustang has been a part of nearly every masturbatory smorgasbord I have laid out for out for myself since I got it over a year ago. I say it’s just there “as a warm-up” or “in case this new one can’t get me off” when I know that’s not the case. More often than I’d care to admit I’m left in an exhausted heap many orgasms later with Mustang at my side and a pile of untouched toys in front of me.

Some might call my relationship with Mustang obsessive, I just call it love.

It’s true that during some particularly long sessions my Mustang can start to feel a bit too slender and that coupled with the flexibility can make it easy for the Mustang to slip out of me. Luckily, its soft enough that when I accidentally slam it into my vulva during my frantic thrusting it doesn’t hurt at all. Not only that but if it begins to happen too often, or feel too small, I can grab my Maverick, which is basically the Mustang except HUGE.

As with all toys with round bases, it can be hard to tell which direction the curve is facing and  with a lot of lube Mustang can have a habit of spinning around on it’s own. To be honest Mustang feels awesome no matter which way that curve is facing, which is pretty damn cool, but if you are using it for partner play you can put a small mark on the base (Not on an area that will be inserted!) to show which side is up. More toys really should adopt the tear-drop base that Tantus did because that is perfect and is probably the only thing that could make the Mustang better.

Really though, I’m just looking for things to complain about because Mustang is everything I could ever want in a toy. The only time I ever want to put it down is to grab Mega-Mustang (ahem, I mean Maverick) because nothing else compares to the whole body shaking, earth quaking orgasms it gives me. I could go on for hours about my love for this toy but really, who has time for that? That would cut into valuable Mustang time. So just go buy one, but only if you accept that you’ll never be able to love any other toy the same way again.


  1. A dual density silicone is made up of two different shores (or densities) of silicone so that they have a firm inner core and a soft outer layer to replicate a biological penis. []
  2. Not the real one unfortunately, just my personal training at home. []

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