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Review: We-Vibe Tango

We-Vibe TangoThe We-Vibe Tango is awesome, but you don’t need me to tell you that. It has a near cult-like following in the sex toy community, which it has earned by being awesome in an area where the competition is incredibly weak (both literally and figuratively). Thinner than a tube of lipstick and about as long, the Tango is what is known as a “bullet vibrator” designed for clitoral stimulation, or to be added to another product (dildo, harness, etc.) to make it vibrate. Often bullets are powered by watch batteries and can be found for less than $20 or are even given free with the purchase of other toys. They have one speed, or if you’re lucky 3, and are buzzy beyond comprehension. That is until they inexplicably die without warning. We-Vibe saw this shortage of good bullet style vibrators and decided to get in on the action and make their own. What they made is clearly and without competition one of the best bullets out there, which is why it has garnered such acclaim. This doesn’t mean it is perfect, it just means many sex toy enthusiasts are willing to look past it’s flaws, myself (mostly) included, because of how much it stands out.

Like most classic bullets the Tango is made of hard ABS plastic which is totally body safe and non-porous and also transmits vibration incredibly well. The big difference is that instead of putting a teeny tiney watch battery powered motor in it We-Vibe put a bad ass rumbly  rechargeable motor in their bullet. Couple that with the fact that there is not thick silicone layer dampening the vibrations like many other products and you have one powerful little toy, like VERY powerful. This toy is not for the faint of clit and even the lowest setting is impressively earth shaking, turn it up to high and it can feel like a jackhammer pounding away at you. This is one of the few (if only) toys in my collection that I am able to orgasm with without being on the highest setting.

It’s petite stature and slant of the tip means it is easy to focus all of that attention into one area if pinpoint pressure is what you crave, but it also means that you’re also going to feel that incomparable power in your fingertips just as much as you will in your clit. Surprisingly, it isn’t quite as itchy and hand numbing as you might expect because of how rumbly the vibrations are, but over time it can get a bit uncomfortable. It’s size and shape makes it more than just a clitoral vibrator though, as I mentioned earlier this powerful motor is packaged in a casing very similar to those cheap-o watch battery bullets, which means nearly any product designed to accommodate those will also accommodate the Tango. Silicone dildos, harnesses, and butt plugs can all use the Tango and while the vibrations are dampened quite a bit once they have to fight through another material, you’re still doing to get a lot more vibration with the Tango than you would with most other bullets.

It’s not just the size, shape and material that We-Vibe decided to carry over from the traditional bullet design, they also kept the single push-button control model, and I wish they hadn’t. I’m the type of person who likes to switch to higher speeds and then back off again so at the very least a (+) and (-) button is almost essential in a toy for me. Plus, the Tango has patterns, and the only way to access them is by clicking past the single speeds and flicking through them. God forbid you accidentally get caught in pattern-land when you really want a single speed because then you have to cycle all the way through them to get back to the beginning. Not only that but the damn thing has a memory so you can’t even turn it off and turn it back on to get back to the beginning.

Masturbating with the Tango is like some sick sort of game, I have to guess what speed exactly I am on. Does this feel like 3 or 4? If I push this button will I be sent to pattern-land or be rewarded with a boost in power? IS IT WORTH THE RISK!?! I’m sorry, that’s way too much thought and stress required for masturbation. Please vibrator designers, just include a (-) option so that every push of the button isn’t life or death? Please.

Unfortunately the push-button control isn’t the only negative thing the Tango shares with it’s more common place brethren, they also often have about the same life-span. And I don’t mean how long it takes for them to die before you have to recharge them (which is also pitifully short1 ), I mean how long before they drop dead for good.

My first We-Vibe bullet, the now discontinued Salsa, refused to hold a charge for more than 10 min or so from the moment it arrived. To be fair I am a terrible person and bought it from Amazon2  so there is no guarantee that it wasn’t some sort of knockoff. My next one though, a Tango, was handed to me by a We-Vibe representative at Catalyst Con and lasted me a whole five weeks before stubbornly refusing to take a charge. I’m not the only one, they just aren’t that reliable, but luckily the people who make them are much more reliable than the toy itself and will quickly replace your defective toy for you. My replacement was at my door in less than a week with absolutely no hassle.3

Even a few days without my Tango was too long though, because my Tango and I, well we’re somewhat inseparable. I start to get antsy if I don’t know exactly where it is, it’s so tiny, what if it gets lost? I’ve taken to carrying it around with me as if I’m worried about some sort of orgasm emergency. As if the fate of the world will rest on my ability to orgasm in three minutes flat and I’ll need the Tango by my side. I don’t want to tell you the Tango is perfect, but with all of it’s caveats I can’t ignore that it is the most incredibly powerful bullet vibrators out there. Plus, with all the things you can do with a bullet vibrator they are somewhat of a toy box staple so if you are looking for a bullet, the Tango is the one to get.

The Tango is now even a big enough deal that it has it’s own attachments in the form of a g-spotter and a butt plug! You can even get them all together for much cheaper than they’d be on their own and they look pretty awesome.

  1. About 30-45 min on high, but the updated Tangos offer a blinking “low battery” light to let you know when you have to charge it. It’s annoyingly bright but at least it warns you now. []
  2. Purchasing from Amazon is bad for small businesses, particularly those great sex positive shops that spread education. Give them your money instead. []
  3. When it arrived the seals on the side of the package were broken, after contacting them I was assured this was so that they could be sure they were sending me a working one so please do not be concerned if yours ends up the same way. []

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