What’s that Word?

HornyWe need more words for horny, more words to describe the complexity of the cravings that can inhabit my body. Horny feels juvenile and crass, while aroused feels clinical. Turned on? Libidinous? I suppose, but where is the specificity in that? The nuance?

What’s the word for when you desperately need to be touched? When your every nerve ending is tingling and you can feel the heat of the bodies around you. When someone could tease you by ghosting their fingers along your arm or make you sigh with joy by enveloping your body in the biggest of bear hugs. When you fantasize about someone running their fingers through your hair or sliding up behind you in bed, wrapping their arm around you and pulling you close.

What do you call it when all you want is to be beat? To submit? Or to tell a pretty boy what to do? Your body craves intensity, or pain, or power, or release. You want to struggle and scream, to cry and hurt and beg. You want to hear the thwack of a paddle on flesh, the jangle of chain on a leash. How do you describe when all you want is to see bruises bloom across freshly spanked flesh?

What is that thing when you want sex, but not the kind you can order on Tinder like Chinese takeout? When you want to lay in bed with someone who you know like the back of your hand and have goofy, comfy, rainy day sex. You don’t want the excitement and nervous energy of a hookup, you want that sleepy spooning that turns into something more. You want cartoons and cuddles punctuated with neck kisses and wandering hands.

What do you say, when all you want is to be fucked? When you want to be held down and have all of your holes filled with cocks and fingers and tongues? When you want filthy, rough, porno sex. When your mind is full of dirty locker room gangbangs, well hung pizza delivery boys, and the kinds of things that would normally make your cheeks flush with shame. How do you tell someone when you want to be choked and used and covered in cum?

What’s the name of that feeling when you just want someone new? When you want the rush of meeting and seducing someone. You want the butterflies and the nervous giggles and the tentative touches. You want to flirt and tease and wonder what they’re thinking. You want first kisses and makeouts and groping in the back of a bar.

More often than not I settle for describing the sensations in my body, telling my Sir how hard or wet he makes me, they way my breath catches in my throat and and my holes ache to be filled. I describe what it is I want to do and have done to me, but it still just doesn’t quite touch on how it is that I feel. 

Language is expansive and amazing and fascinating, and sometimes it is really, painfully, limiting. What words do you love to use when you’re horny? Do you have a favorite?

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