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Seven SFW Saucy Snaps to Send Your Sweetie

My Sir lives more than 12k miles away from me, so, as you might imagine, sexting is a pretty vital part of our relationship. That said, the cocktail of gender dysphoria and insecurities brewing in my brain mean I’m not always in the right headspace to send him nudes every time I want to get sexy.

On top of that we’re not always in situations where it’s feasible to be looking at each other’s junk, as much as we’d like to. If I had a dime for every time I’d accidentally opened a dick pic on the subway I’d be able to visit him every other weekend.

That’s how I stumbled on the rarely talked about art of taking a completely benign photo and making it astoundingly filthy, simply by getting inventive with the caption. Here are some of my favorites of the countless ways to get sexy without getting naked.

Location SnapLocation, Location, Location

This whole post was inspired by a picture like this, it was nothing but a chair, captioned with suggestion of what I should do on that chair. One of the things I love most about this is the subtext, the “here I am in this completely non-sexual situation, and all I can think about are the things I want to do to you, and how I’d do it.”

Consider: A freshly made bed – “Fresh sheets feel better when you’re naked”. || The alley next to your job – “Thinking about how I could just drag you back here and do whatever I wanted to you.” || A table – “Perfect height to fuck you on.” || A dressing room stall – “Think we’d both fit?” || An empty locker room – “All alone at the gym, wish you were here to suck my cock.”

Clothing SnapClothing

This is the perfect way to draw attention to a person’s body without actually showing any of it. Even just a piece of clothing draped over a chair is going to leave your partner imagining exactly how it would look on you… and off of you.

Consider: New sexy underwear – “Look what I just picked up!” || Multiple sexy outfits laid out – “What would you like to see me in tonight Daddy?” || Your favorite thing for your partner to wear – “I want you in this and nothing else later” || A jock strap on the floor – “Just finished my work out” || A piece of lingerie – “Guess what I’m wearing under my suit today?”

BJ Selfie SnapMischievous Selfies

For a more personal approach I love sharing a relatively innocent picture of my face and captioning it with what I’m thinking about. It’s a great way to remind them how goddamn adorable you are1 while also getting them thinking about more nefarious things.

Consider: A blushy lip bite – “I’m in the cafe and all I can think about is what you did to me this morning.” || A smile with your hand up near your neck – “Wishing you were biting me, right here” || An awkward cringe – “Got distracted thinking about your ass and now I have to hide how hard I am” || A selfie from bed – “Just had a dream about you…” || A serious face – “You better watch out when I get home, I’ve been planning things.”

Sex Toy SnapSex Toys

Okay, so this really rides the line on that whole “SFW” premise, but as long as you’re not taking a picture of a huge realistic dildo, this kind of thing will fly under someone’s radar if your partner opens it in the pasta aisle in your local Whole Foods.

Consider: Your favorite vibrator – “I want you to use this on me later” || A butt plug or kegal balls – “I’m going to wear this all day today” || A new pair of nipple clamps – “I got you a present” || A toy you just used – “I was thinking about you a lot today” || A large toy you’re thinking about buying – “Think you can take this?”

Creatively AngledCreatively Angled Selfie

love this idea for people, naked or clothed, because it leaves so much less to the imagination. This works particularly well for kink dynamics, but can also be fun to really get people to feel like they are there with you.

Consider: Feet up on a table – “I sure wish I had my favorite footrest here.” || Hold the camera low and pointing up towards you – “I want you on your knees” || The space under your desk and your legs spread – “Looks like there’s room for you” || A foot in a high healed shoe – “Why aren’t you worshiping my feet?” || You laying in bed – “Looks like there’s room for you as long as we stay close”


Sometimes, being kinky means finding new and inventive ways to use all kinds of common household products, and quite often people would barely bat an eye if they saw some of these items in your shopping cart- or on your phone screen.

Consider: A wooden spoon – “You wouldn’t believe how stingy this is!” || Some rope – “We’ll see if you can Houdini your way out of this” || A heavy hard cover book – “I want you to hit me with this” || A belt – “Think you could take it if I hit you with this?” || Literally anything – “Let’s hit each other with this”

(Okay, so what, I like hitty things…)

Bootblack SnapSexy Tasks

Y’all know I’m a service oriented submissive, so telling me to do pretty much anything can be enough to get my cock hard, and a picture of my task is a great way to remind a submissive of all of the ways they can be useful. It can also just be a great way to get a vanilla person in a sexy headspace, knowing what is coming.

Consider: Dirty Boots – “I need someone here to black these for me” || A new meal or drink – “Learn to make this so I can have it whenever I want” || New oils – “I am ready to massage you when you get home Mistress” || Your bed – “I want you waiting here for me when I get home” || A handwritten letter – “I wrote out that fantasy for you, just like you asked”

As much as I love a good cock shot or picture of my ass (it’s a really great ass) I love the creativity that can go into being sexy without being explicitly so. What are some of your favorite SFW sexy pictures you’ve received?

This post was generously sponsored by Dear Lady, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.
  1. Or like, imposing and scary if you’re a top or whatever I guess []

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